Mukula to Tanna: I will not apologize

Capt. Mike Mukula (L) and Mr Sanjay Tanna. /Courtesy Photo

Kampala, Uganda | AFRICATEMBELEA | Captain Mike Mukula, the former Health State Minister is unapologetic over his racist remarks against his main rival, Sanjay Tanna.

Mukula is seeking re-election as the Eastern Region National Resistance Movement-NRM party Vice chairperson. He is facing stiff competition from Sanjay Tanna, the former Tororo municipality member of parliament.

Other candidates vying for the same seat are John Robert Ekongot, Christine Harriet Akello and Christopher Buyera. Tanna has repeatedly accused Mukula of using racist statements to decampaign him and has since petitioned the NRM Electoral Commission to reprimand him.

During his campaign in Kabale on Thursday last week, Tanna argued that just like all other human beings, he didn’t choose to have parents of Asian dissent and should therefore be accorded the same privileges like his opponents.

Sanjay said whereas Mukula is playing the racial card on the basis of his Indian origin, he is a Ugandan with sufficient capacity to serve.

However, Mukula told NRM delegates from Kigezi region at White Horse Inn in Kabale district over the weekend that he can never apologize to Tanna for branding him an Indian and a non-Ugandan.

He argued that Africans are not loved by white people, saying it is impossible for an African to lead in countries like India, China and Japan.

He said Indians and other foreign nationals should come to Uganda as investors but not political leaders. Mukula also promised to eliminate corruption and internal fights within the ruling NRM party.

Speaking during the same meeting, Darius Nandiinda, the Kabale Resident District Commissioner, promised to protect Mukula’s votes.

Each delegate pocketed Shillings 150,000 as facilitation for attending the meeting.


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