Moroccan police disperse protesting teachers with water cannons

Moroccan teachers protesting in the capital called for permanent work contracts
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Rabat – Baton-wielding riot police used water cannons to disperse teachers protesting in the Moroccan capital on Saturday night to demand better conditions.

Several thousand young teachers calling for permanent work contracts had marched peacefully through the streets of central Rabat chanting slogans such as “freedom, dignity, social justice”.

As night fell, demonstrators held aloft candles and used their mobile phones as torches, before setting up a makeshift camp in front of parliament.

Police moved in to break up the gathering after the protestors refused to leave following more than two hours of negotiations, according to an AFP journalist.

The teachers on temporary contracts, who have been on strike since March 3, enjoy the same salaries as their permanent colleagues — 5,000 dirhams ($520) a month.

But they complain they do not enjoy the same rights, especially over retirement.

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