MONICAH AMODING: Ugandans should confront the problem-not the symptom

Monicah Amoding, Kumi District Woman MP
By :
Monicah Amoding

Being an emember of parliament (MP) in the current times of our Nation is a tall order. MPs are again caught in a mega storm, with no where to run or hide except to seek solace in our Creator who is the judge of all.

Since the outbreak of pandemic, I have been mostly praying for the country-its people and leadership the Magufuli Way, doing a few measures of sensitisation against COVID-19 for my Consistituency and of course staying safe according to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) laid down.

‘It is not your business’ – Kadaga tells MPs to stop talking about sh10bn COVID-19 funds

I have maintained minimum social media presence for so many months for good reasons but this public out burst against MPs has neccessitated that I join this discussion because it gives me an opportunity to challenge Ugandans to confront the real problem not symptoms.

It is understandable for the public to be angry at us. In all fairness, we should be their voice against the all powerful mafia running the state in various sectors- but alas, that we have collectively failed. I wonder, when will things get better. We are now the punching bag taking in blows from every corner!!!

Are Ugandans however, really interrogating where majority of money ends up??? The security budget has been going up every year-even when there is no war going on and it is classified with no questions to be asked on how it is spent!!

In the COVID Budget of 304 billion; Office of the President has taken 15bn, Office of the Prime Minister 59bn for food distribution minus incoming donations; UPDF (29bn); Uganda Police (38bn); ICT (6bn); Prisons (4bn); KCCA (2bn); Immigratiion (1.7bn); ESO (460million) and all districts 165 million to be utilised by the CAO Office including LCVs, DHOs etc under the District Task Force.

RDCs office will access 56million coordination and 18 million for fuel as well as manage the money for the isolation centres in the district.

In all fairness, the 20M if it goes to an MP is what the lowest Ugandan will taste of this COVID money through the various interventions MPs will undertake in their constituencies.

Ugandans should therefore confront the actual problem- MPs are the smallest of the problems you are dealing with.

I for one, will not return that 20M if it comes to the mafia to have a second helping. I will use it to repair, service and fuel my 2 ambulances in the service of the people of Kumi district and support the most vulnerable families I can reach during these challenging times.

Amoding, is the Kumi Woman Member of Parliament

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