Mohammed Hersi to Kenyans: ‘You are on your own, go reflect hard

KTF Chairman Mohammed Hersi
By :
Mohammed Hersi

With politics having taken a back seat, Kemri is suddenly able to make a Covid19 test kit that can give results in 15 minutes.

Kitui a semi arid not well endowed county is now producing masks en mass for both Kenya and the region. China is either locked or no flights.

Two students have managed to make a prototype ventilator which is believed to work with just a few changes. Can you imagine for once if we gave space and financial support to these young men and women who are intelligent and creative through Incubation centres.

Our hygiene levels have suddenly gone up

Elusive water is now available while the waters cartels who create artificial shortage and their rubbish bousers have been forced into a corner.

We are now all forced to bury our loved ones within 24 hours which means no more dancing on the graves of our kins through uncessarry divisive politics. To the politician whose main task was to look for a funeral to politic God is angry . He has stopped it. Go reflect hard.

Ordinary Kenyans like my Bro Pankaj Shah are busy feeding the crowds that go to those useless rallies. The politicians have now taken a hiding .

Post Covid if we ever get there , I pray we do, world will never be the same again. Kenyans you can now see you are on your own, go reflect hard.

If only we spent our time and energy in value additions as opposed to useless political rallies 24/7 365 days we would have built a strong health system a strong social system. Covid is a serious equaliser. The privileged can no longer take a flight to Mumbai, London or Johannesburg to receive that special care or visit that Sangoma in Durban. Mother nature has said Stay in your country even worse Stay Home.

You get to a point money is no longer King and that time is now, it has come to pass in our lifetime. Time to seriously reflect.

Well as always I choose to remain an optimist that we all see the light and we all work hard to beat this virus . I hope and pray that we shall come out wiser. To the political class we hope you reflect hard through this humbling experience.

Hersi, is the Chairman – Kenya Tourism Federation

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