Mao Warns NRM Ahead of 2021 Elections

Nobert Mao addressing the press as Harold Acemah, Alitia Elia and Fadhil Lemeriga look on in Arua town today afternoon.

The Democratic Party President General Nobert Mao has warned of a popular uprising by Ugandans to change government if the NRM rigs the 2021 Presidential elections.

In a press briefing today in Arua town, Mao who is visiting Arua and the West Nile region told journalists that since peoples election apathy has gone up over the years, this time round they will use popular uprising to force the government of Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to relinquish power if his party attempts to rig elections for him.

Mao who has also shown interest in running for the Presidency either on opposition coalition ticket or the Democratic Party mandate noted that the opposition will continue to speak out and convince Ugandans to rise up.

Mao’s revelation comes after President Museveni in a message on the 34th NRM anniversary told Ugandans that he is confident he will hand over to himself after the 2021 elections since his party still enjoys a popular majority in the Country.

Meanwhile, retired Diplomat Harold Acemah, a former school mate of Nobert Mao but a UPC diehard said Uganda has gone many steps backwards under the NRM leadership than in the previous governments since Independence.

According to Acemah, the budget cuts for Agriculture and health which are key for the full development of a nation are clear indicators of a collapsing economy, sitting on a time bomb..

According to Alitia Elia, the DP Vice President for northern region, the party has already recruited suitable members to stand in local council five and parliamentary seats in all the districts of West Nile and the entire north.


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