Mao declares DP-block dead

DP President Mao. Courtesy Photo/File

Kampala, Uganda – Norbert Mao, the Democratic Party President has said that the DP-Block is dead and therefore can’t enter into any alliance with any political entity.

Speaking on Tuesday at City House, Mao said whoever is purporting to be in any political discussion with anybody claiming to be DP-Block is an impostor who should be disregarded.

DP-Block brings together three political parties and one pressure group whose founders have ever been part of the mother party.

The three include DP itself, Social Democratic Party of Michael Mabikke, People’s Development Party of Dr Abed Bwanika and Truth and Justice pressure group of Lubega Mukaaku.

Mao added that they were supposed to merge the three political parties but due to problems based on ambitions of some of the players, the process did not take place. He also adds that they were sued by some DP members challenging the Memorandum of Understanding the three entities had signed.

“So basically the DP-Block has collapsed, if it’s to stand, it has to be revived. DP-Block is not something you can take to the market for trading. Anybody who is going around saying DP-Block has decided, if you aim to contest for any position, it is not anywhere. Those who have believed in DP-Block it means DP and the chief spokesperson is the President. So, don’t listen to anybody on matters concerning DP-Block,” Mao said.

He called upon all DP members who would like to participate in 2021, to go and seek the party ticket because according to him, there is no need for them to go anywhere else.

A fortnight ago, several DP members including MPs such as Medard Lubega Sseggona, Muwanga Kivumbi, Mathias Mpuuga and Florence Namayanja among others declared that they will be supporting National Unity Platform President, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu in the coming elections.

Efforts to speak to Bwanika or Mabikke were fruitless as their known telephone contacts were unavailable by press time.

However, Kenneth Paul Kakande, DP spokesperson who is also a senior member of the DP-Block said that Mao is just soar gripping.

“He is saying that because people moved away from him otherwise DP-Block is alive and kicking and we are going to sign an MoU with NUP and People Power to work together. What’s a political party without people? Those of us speaking now were elected in the same delegates’ conference as himself. So we can substantially speak for the party,” Kakande said.

Meanwhile, Mao said that the party leadership has decided that they will no longer comment on their members who have made personal decisions not to associate with DP. Mao said when one leaves the party, they stop being his responsibility.

“I think we are giving them a lot of unnecessary publicity by talking about them,” Mao said. In other news, DP will hold its National Executive Committee next week in which they will agree on the dates of the delegates’ conference. Mao said tentatively, they have agreed that the party will hold 22 delegates’ conferences in all the regions of the country albeit simultaneously.

This is aimed at ensuring that they respect the ministry of health guidelines on public meetings. The main event will take place in Gulu but in other regions, the delegates will follow the proceedings using zoom technology. They too will participate in electing the party leaders.


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