Man miraculously survives 100m fall after his bungee cord snaps

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A man has managed to survive falling more than 100 meters after his bungee cord accidentally snapped, and left him to tumble helplessly through the air.

According to, the incident occurred in the port city of Gdynia in Poland on Sunday, July 21. The horrific fall was caught on camera by terrified onlookers, and now the distressing video has since gone viral on social media.

In the recording – the 39-year-old man who suffered the fall from a dizzying height of 300 feet – can be seen walking onto a crane to be raised up into the air above a crowd of spectators. However, after jumping off the platform, the rope holding him snapped off and dropped him, depositing him on a large grey airbag before witnesses rushed to help.

Commenting on the unfortunate accident, a spokesperson for Bungeeclub (the company which organised the stunt) wrote on their official Facebook page: “The health of the participant of the unfortunate jump is no serious danger. He didn’t break his [spinal cord!] After a medical examination at the emergency room, he was considered good. [sic]”

They added: “All equipment used by our company has all the required certificates. Jumps are carried out by qualified and experienced instructors according to all procedures. As the only bungee jumping company in Poland, we use professional airbags, and it was because of this and our foresightedness that there was no tragedy.”

The unnamed man was rushed to hospital, and though his spine was broken, his spinal cord is still intact; meaning that he will not be left paralysed. Polish police are allegedly investigating the incident, and have interviewed the victim and the bungee instructors.

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