Magufuli to Tanzanians: ‘Countries that imposed lockdown now in food crisis, charge them exorbitantly’

President Magufuli presents 100 peacocks to the 4 retired presidents of Tanzania (Nyerere, Mwinyi, Mkapa and Kikwete). Mama Maria Nyerere (L), the wife of the 1st President of Tanzania, the late Julius Nyerere received 25 birds on his behalf, on Saturday, May 30. /Courtesy Photo
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President John Pombe Magufuli has called on Tanzanians to make use of the coronavirus pandemic by hiking food prices.

Magufuli made these remarks on Saturday, May 30 at a function where he hosted his predecessors Benjamin Mkapa, Hassan Mwinyi, Jakaya Kikwete and former first lady Mama Maria Nyerere.

He particularly urged the business community dealing in foodstuffs to identify customers from countries that had imposed lockdown and charge them exorbitantly.

“Waliji-lockdown wakati sisi tukiwa tunashughulika kulima. Sasa tutunze vyakula vyetu. Na kama tunaamua kuuza, tuuze kwa bei ya juu saaaana, watwangeni kweli, nasema watwangeni saaaana”

Literally translated as: They have food shortage because their governments imposed lockdown when we were busy in the farms. You must preserve your farm produce, and if you must sell, do it above the normal price. Charge them exorbitantly. I repeat, overcharge them),” he said.

During the same event, Mafufuli said that Tanzania had won the battle against coronavirus thanks to prayers and timely intervention from God.

“Even at this time when we are fighting coronavirus, God has helped us win. I don’t see anyone wearing a face mask here, this is a clear indication Tanzania is safe,” he added.

The Tanzanian Head of State also recently claimed that his son had recovered from Covid-19 after taking lemon and ginger solution.

“My own son after contracting the virus closed himself in his room, took lemon and ginger solution before getting well and is now doing some exercise,” he said.

He told Tanzanians to operate normally saying the disease will spread yes, but will at long last disappear.

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