Kyaligonza to Bantariza: You Can’t Compete Against A General

Rtd. Maj Gen Matayo Kyaligonza. Courtesy Photo/File

Kampala, Uganda – General Matayo Kyaligonza has asked his rival for position of the Vice Chairperson for Western Uganda in the ruling National Resistance Movement-NRM party, Col. Shaban Bantariza to follow the army decorum and not contest against him.

Speaking at the NRM Electoral Commission headquarters on Plot 13 Kyaddondo Road in Kampala on Monday moments after his nomination, Kyaligonza, who is also Uganda’s representative to Burundi, said in the military a colonel can’t talk when there is a general in the room.

Kyaligonza said contesting with people like Bantariza helps them to build their profiles.

“It’s not news that somebody is standing against you because this is a democracy we brought in. This young man will be proud because he stood with a person with a name Kyaligonza. To me it’s good except that it wastes a lot of time. We continue running around against nobody and at the end of the day, I will reach somewhere he will not reach, but history will record him that he tried,” said Kyaligonza.

In the 2015 elections, Kyaligonza raised a lot of dust when President, Yoweri Museveni’s son-in- law, Odrek Rwabwogo law tried to contest against him. Rwabwogo is the husband to Museveni’s oldest daughter Patience.

Kyaligonza directed his fury towards the President as he viewed Rwabwogo as Museveni’s candidate. He argued that if he was old like Rwabwogo was alleging, then even Museveni had no right to contest as they are in the same age bracket.

In the end, the Central Executive committee prevailed over Rwabwogo and stopped his candidature. For his part, Bantariza, the Deputy Executive director Uganda Media Centre, said he is not in the race because Kyaligonza has failed but rather he wants to be a link between government and the people.

Other people eying the same seat are Kinkizi East Member of Parliament Dr. Chris Baryomunsi, Dr. Deen Kisembo, Florence Kintu Tumwine and former Busongora South MP, Boaz Kafuda.


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