Kyabazinga Rallies Busoga Leaders on Ebyaiffe

His Majesty William Gabula Nadiope,IV tasks Busoga leaders to continue engaging government in its crusade for the return of its assets and properties.
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The Isebantu Kyabazinga of Busoga, His Majesty William Gabula Nadiope,IV has tasked Busoga leaders to join hands with the Kingdom as the institution continues to engage government in its crusade for the return of its assets and properties locally referred to as Ebyaiffe.

Hosting majority of the current Busoga leaders who included Members of Parliament, Local Councillors, current and ex-Resident District Commissioners, opinion leaders on Friday at the Kingdom Headquarters who briefed the King about the Busoga Consortium, the King enumerated the importance of speaking with one voice.

“I want to interest you in being part of the ongoing engagements between our Kingdom and the government. When we speak with one voice, it will show unity by the different stakeholders yet our economic vibrance will be rekindled since revenue will accrue from the prospective tenants”, the King, who was flanked by the Kingdom Premier, Owek.Joseph Muvawala Nsekere noted before commending and cautioning the initiators of the consortium.

“As a Kingdom, we honour and cherish all efforts tailored towards the economic and social emancipation of our institution and its people. Its now or never for us to rekindle Busoga’s lost economic glory. However, we must ensure that its here to stay forever,it must outlive individuals and it should be used to unite us as the people of Busoga”, the Kyabazinga emphasized adding that the missing link has been the financial mobilization mechanism. He guided that the consortium pre-occupies itself more with financial mobilization and the Kingdom does the actual implementation to avoid duplication of services.

On her part, Speaker Kadaga also Patron of the Consortium who led the delegation thanked the Kyabazinga for being foresighted as regards development.

Rt. Hon Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga, Speaker of the Parliament of Uganda

“Your Majesty, we are proud of your openness towards development and as current leaders, we are determined to ensure Busoga changes positively”, she argued assuring the King that with the consortium taking shape having received the blessing of the Kyabazinga, the sky will be the limit for Busoga’s development and that its one of the available avenues to revive the region.

The Speaker also introduced one of the investors who took up the Kasolwe farm land to the King.

Several dignitaries attended like Ambassador Agnes Kalibbala, Hon. Daudi Mpabulunji Migereko,2nd Deputy Premier Owek. Noor Ahmed Osman among others.

The consortium that aims at changing Busoga’s economic and social face for good, will officially be launched in April and President Museveni is expected to be the Chief Guest.

It will also offer exchange programs between Busoga towns and Chinese cities

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