Kenya’s Peter Mathuki Appointed Secretary General of the East African Community

Dr. Peter Mathuki
By :
Baluku Geoffrey

Kenya’s Dr. Peter Mathuki has been appointed Secretary General of the East African Community-EAC taking over from Amb. Liberat Mfumukeko who has been head at the Arusha based Secretariat since April 2016.

Dr. Mathuki was picked for the role during the 21st Ordinary Meeting of the Summit of the EAC Heads of State (21st EAC Summit) that took place virtually on Saturday, 27th February, 2021. He will serve for a 5-year non-renewable term, with effect from 25 April, 2021.

The EAC Heads of State thanked Amb. Liberat Mfumukeko for his service rendered to the Community and wished him well in his future endeavours.

During the plenary session, the Republic of Kenya also took the Chairmanship of the East Africa Community while the Republic of Burundi took on the role of Rapporteur.

The 21st EAC Summit precedes the 40th Ordinary Meeting of the EAC Council of Ministers, which took place from 22nd to 25th February,2021.

Among the items discussed during the 21st Summit were consideration of the request by the Democratic Republic of Congo to join the EAC; progress report on the verification Exercise for Admission of the Federal Republic of Somalia into the EAC; progress report on the Adoption of Political Confederation as a Transitional Model of the East African Political Federation; consideration of a Summit Directive to include French as an Official Language of the EAC, and; a report on the roadmap for the accelerated integration of the Republic of South Sudan into the EAC.

Other items on the agenda included the progress report of the Council of Ministers for the period February 2019 to February 2021, and; appointment of Judges to the East African Court of Justice-EACJ. The appointed Judges include Justice Nestor Kayobera, Lady Justice Anita Mugeni and Justice Kathurima M’inoti as Judges to the EACJ Appellate Division.

Others appointed include Justice Yohane Bakobora Masara, Justice Richard Wabwire Wejuli, Justice Richard Muhumuza as Judges to the EACJ First Instance Division with effect with from 27 February, 2021.

The Summit also recalled its previous discussions on the EU-EAC Economic Partnership Agreement #EPA and recognized that not all Partner States are in a position to sign, ratify & implement the Agreement, while also recognizing the importance of some Partner States to move forward. However, the summit concluded that partner states who wish to do so should be able to commence engagements with the #EU with a view to starting the EU-EAC #EPA implementation under the principle of Variable Geometry.

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