KENYA: MP Rahab Mukami begs men to marry from Nyeri, says ladies from her county stopped beating husbands

MP Rahab Mukami
By :
AT Team

Rahab Mukami the member of parliament representing Nyeri county women has called on men to consider getting wives from her area, Africa Tembelea has learnt.

In a video shared by Urbannews, the law maker made the plea while addressing a crowd at Tharaka Nithi county. She said Nyeri women no longer hit their husbands and are now kind and hardworking women. She however, acknowledged the age old stereotype that portrayed women from her county [Nyeri] as hot tempered and that they physically abused their husbands whenever the men didnt toe a particular line.

“Sometimes a man comes home after gallivanting and drinking then he falls and hits himself on the door post. The wife rushes out to pick him and she ends up being accused of injuring him,” Rahab said.

She also said that most times, the allegations are simply a case of misunderstandings.

“There are Nyeri women here and please do not associate us with husband battering. If you look at me can you not tell that I am a worthy woman?” she asked to applause from women in the background.

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