KENYA: Monkeys invade houses, harass women in Kirinyaga

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Residents of Njukini in Kirinyaga county have called on the government to fence off Njukini forest following constant attacks by monkeys. The primates not only leave behind a trail of destruction on their farms but also harass women and children whenever they invade homes.

Africa Tembelea has learnt that the notorious animals have caused so much fear among the female residents who are the worst hit, NTV reported on Saturday, October 19.

Farmers have not been spared the agony as they are forced to forego their duties and accompany children to schools every morning. Others prefer guarding their farms and families against the animals throughout the day and night.

“They chase women and even slap them. The monkeys can be notorious at times and break into houses and pick whatever they can lay their hands on including food and chickens,” one resident lamented.

A similar incident was reported in 2018 in the nearby Murang’a county upon which Governor Mwangi wa Iria initiated programme to hunt and trap thousands of monkeys.

At least, over 100 monkeys were captured using traps in a programme that is said to have cost millions of shillings.

“We are appealing to those responsible to come for their animals as they have multiplied in their hundreds and possibly thousands,” programme coordinator Paul Ndungu is quoted to have said.

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