KCCA: Museveni replaces Kitaka with Kisaka

Dorothy Kisaka, KCCA Executive Director Designate
By :
Baluku Geoffrey

KAMPALA — President Museveni has nominated Dorothy Kisaka as the new Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) executive director.

If vetted and cleared by the Public Service Commission (PSU), Kisaka will replace Andrew Kitaka, the current acting KCCA director whose contract extension expires next week on June 18.

According to KCCA’s employment records, Eng. Kitaka is the substantive director of engineering and technical services.

He has served in acting capacity as KCCA executive director since December 20, 2018 after being appointed by then Kampala minister Beti Kamya following the resignation of Jennifer Musisi.

Kisaka, the nominee proposed to take over as KCCA’s substantive Executive Director is a lawyer and senior advisor on governance in the Office of the Prime Minister. She was also recently appointed as Covid-19 fund administrator.

In a letter to the PSU, President Museveni also nominated Eng David Luyimbazi Ssali as deputy executive director, Sarah Kanyike as director gender, community services and production, Dr. Daniel Okello Ayen as director public health and environment and Grace Akullo from the ministry of public service as human resource and administration.

Normally, the KCCA executive director, deputy executive director and directors are appointed by the President on recommendation of the Public Service Commission.

In this particular case however, Museveni said the five nominees were headhunted because of their integrity. He went on to ask PSU to interview them and find out if they are suitable for the KCCA positions.

With regard to all the other vacant positions at KCCA, the president directed that they be filled by advertising and utilising Public Service Commission systems.

Speaking this week after the budget reading on Thursday, June 11, President Museveni pointed out that he was not happy with Uganda’s tax to GDP ratio of 14.3%.

He said both KCCA and URA were not doing enough to collect taxes, and added that the low tax collection was due to massive corruption by Uganda Revenue Authority officials that he has since forced out.

“There has been a lot of corruption in URA. That one I have cleaned. We have cleaned that crowd of the corrupt. Like we shall do in other areas,” he vowed.

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