Kadaga Snubs NRM, Contests As Independent for Speaker

Kamuli Woman MP Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga at Hotel Africana, on Sunday, May 23.
By :
AT Reporter

Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga has confirmed she will contest for the position of Parliament Speaker as an Independent candidate.

The Kamuli Woman MP’s decision comes hours after the ruling National Resistance Movement’s (NRM) Central Executive Committee (CEC) resolved to endorse Jacob Oulanya as Speaker of Parliament.

“My party has opted not to give me the flag, so I have decided to contest as an Independent,” Kadaga told the media in Kampala on Sunday evening.

She revealed that the only reason she was being pushed out was because she has stood by the things that affect the people.

“For the last one year they have fought me, also women are being relegated,” she said.

Kadaga, who recently expressed worries about CEC’s involvement in determining the top positions in Parliament, said the matter should be put to the vote.

According to the Kamuli Woman MP, they were not cattle to be selected exclusively by CEC members and questioned why a similar criterion is not applied while picking NRM’s flag bearer for President.

Kadaga, who has served as Speaker of Parliament for the last ten years called on fellow Ugandans to urge their representatives to do the needful when elections for Speaker and that of Deputy Speaker of the 11th Parliament are held at Kololo ceremonial grounds on Monday, May 24th.

Africa Tembelea understands that the elections will be presided over by Chief Justice Owiny Dollo.

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