Kadaga Slams Naysayers, Defends Prof Sarfraz And Mathias Magoola

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga
By :
Baluku Geoffrey

KAMPALA – Speaker Rebecca Kadaga has slammed naysayers who are critiquing her announcement of a possible coronavirus spray that is due to be co-produed in Uganda.

During plenary session in parliament, the speaker assured the members of parliament that she doesnot deal with quacks as is being alleged through social media.

“I’ve assured MPs that I don’t deal with quacks — as is being alleged thru social media and leaders of Uganda Medical Association,” Kadaga said.

She also took issue with Uganda Medical Association for resort to a press conference instead of a courtesy call and sharing their concerns with her.

Coronavirus spray discovered, to be co-produced in Uganda – Kadaga

Africa Tembelea understands that the Speaker has laid on table 5 technical books written by Prof Sarfraz — who is being insulted.

According to Kadaga, Prof Sarfraz was the brainchild behind ‘Obama Care’. She says that he also developed an effective advanced sanitizer that can kill the covid-19 virus instantly.

“The tests were conducted in the US and Glasgow. Actually the trial in the USA is starting today,” the Speaker said.

She says that her interest is local capacity to produce drugs within Uganda instead of endless importation. The local biochemist, Matthias Magoola, is not a quack, she added.

To defend her position, Africa Tembelea has learnt that she showed some evidence of two pharmaceutical firms built by Magoola; in Luzira and Mattuga.

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  1. The speaker does not know what she talking about
    it takes awhile to put safe drugs on the market in the US.The government spends a lot of on research at both public and private colleges. Does Uganda do all that? I fear she wants to use our citizen as a huma lab and get paid by the US


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