IKECHI UKO: Covid19 Really Flattened the World. Time For Africa to Arise.

Ikechi Uko - organizer of Akwaaba African Travel Market, the first international travel fair in West Africa
By :
Ikechi Uko

In the Amazing Book The World is Flat Thomas Friedman predicted that Countries that Produced the most PHDs in Maths,Engineering and Physics will control a lot of the Future. China and India were the Leading Nations in all American Universities then. Today we know who controls or Fighting for Controls of the Pendulum of IT power.

Today Nigerians are the most Educated immigrants in America. Producing about 70% of Black Doctors in America. Nigeria is still Graduating high Numbers of Doctors in America each year. (My Family has about 5 in America). The chart below is a sign of the Future Power balance of Nations of the World.

Zimbabwe is alleged to have the Highest number of Educated Africans. If Knowledge has guaranteed wealth and Power how come Nigeria and Zimbabwe are poor. Zimbabwe has been Hobbled by Sanctions and More Sanctions and when those Sanctions are lifted Zimbabwe will arise.

Will Nigeria ever Get there? Without Restructuring Nigeria’s good Fortune might be inherited and Harvested by other Countries. Very Likely Canada. But my thinking is that in 10 years Nigeria by will of the Citizens arrive as a World Power.

The Virus has proved that the Western Democracies are at the same Level of Leadership as poor African Countries. With all the Medical Facilities available to the West the Shambolic management of Covid19 proved that most Western countries could not handle it better than Africa.

The Worst management of Covid19 cases in Nigeria is said to be Kano state. Imagine if Kano with 20 million People.had the Medical Facilities available to Belgium Governor Ganduje will be a Star not the butt of Jokes that he is today in Nigeria.

Imagine if Rwanda had the Medical Facilities of Netherlands and Uganda the facilities available to Italy and Nigeria with The Facilities available to USA. If DRC had same Facilities that UK has and Vice Versa maybe 20million people would have died in Europe by Now.

The result is out. The Western Leaders are at Ganduje Level. They just inherited lots of Money and wonderful Institutions. The West is just Rich.

Dubai and Asia have also overcome the Gap by applying the Knowledge available to them to Acquire Wealth.and Using Wealth to Acquire Technology.

Africa now has access to Brain Power and Can translate that Knowledge into Wealth.

South Sudan with 3 major Tribes have the same Power problem as Belgium with 2 major Tribes. The Difference is the Belgians are not Shooting Each Other.

After 3 months of Lockdown Africa has proved it can Survive on its own. This is the time to hold unto our Minerals and negotiate Better deals and Create the Wealth we need.

Africa has Survived 90 days without the World. We shouldn’t give up the Advantage. Anything you didn’t need in those 90 days is a Luxury.

This is the time to Use the Brain Power available to Africa. Europe inherited Colonial Wealth and not basically Smarter. The Gap has been Flattened by Covid19 Europeans proved to be as Undisciplined as Africans. This is the Time to build a new Africa.

Any Country that has advantage in Knowledge and Warcraft anytime in History ruled the World. Africa has Knowledge available to it and should use it to solve its Problem.

By June Africa would have Survived 100 days without the West. We can last the Whole year without the World. This is the time to Use our Brains or our Children’s Brain. Africa’s time to rise is now. Let’s not waste Covid19.

Ikechi, is a Nigerian travel business consultant, media consultant, journalist and author.

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