IAN ORTEGA: Seya knew how to love, both with the heart and pocket

Al Hajj Nasser Ntege Ssebagala

One thing for sure, he came, saw, and conquered it all. He lived life to the fullest. He experienced the totality of freedom. During the last TV show where he made an appearance, he reprimanded Nambooze who was trying to interject his speech. He had mentored most of them.

The love he experienced, we can only dream of. Seya was the first man to shut down Kampala with love. You remember; “Hajji Agambye…” Hajji just had to point, and all people in Kampala would go to that direction. He was a true Seya.

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Without the wine, he had only the best of women to enjoy. He enjoyed the women that Subaru drivers can only hold in their imagination. He didn’t have to speak good english, he only had to show his old money. So old it was that he was a threat to many of today’s big men. He was the Dzaddy in their days at campus.

He spoke his English with the freedom it deserved. Nothing did hold back Seya. He made no apologies about his weaknesses. He turned those into opportunities. In days when men abandon, Seya took full responsibility of all his children. He knew how to love, both with the heart and with the pocket.

Mention anything a man ought to do in life, he had done it. He had climbed all the mountains.

On behalf of the Yoruba Kingdom, I bestow upon him the highest title of masculinity aka Conquerer of the mountains…

Your life was an authentic template…

The writer is a Ugandan Engineer with love for writing and books

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