Hungarian river boat carrying tourists capsizes on Danube

Hundreds of rescue workers try to help at the bank of the Danube River at Budapest downtown after a river boat capsized on May 29, 2019. | Gergely Besenyei, AFP
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Three people died and 16 were missing Wednesday after a river cruise boat capsized in Budapest and sank in the Danube, Hungarian public television said, quoting the interior ministry.

The M1 channel said 15 people had been safely rescued following the accident near the iconic parliament building in the heart of the Hungarian capital after a collision with another boat.

Africa Tembelea has learnt that the accident happened at around 10:00 pm (2000 GMT).

Divers were searching for the missing passengers, but heavy rain in recent weeks created high water levels, making it more difficult for them.

The boat was carrying 32 passengers and two crew on a very popular part of the river for pleasure trips.

Authorities blocked off access to the accident site, M1 reported. Rescue vehicles were crowded at the scene.

Officials and police were not immediately available to provide further details about the incident.

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