High Court Dismisses Suit Against National Unity Platform Leadership

By :
Baluku Geoffrey

High Court in Kampala has dismissed with costs a case in which former members of the National Unity, Reconciliation and Development Party (NURP) moved to repossess the party which was renamed National Unity Platform (NUP).

The party, originally headed by Moses Nkonge Kibalama, was a few months ago handed over to Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine as the party president.

This move, however came under scrutiny in August this year when two of founding party members; Difas Basile and Hassan Twaha, petitioned the High Court in Kampala claiming that Kibalama, changed its name and transferred its leadership to Bobi Wine without their knowledge and consent.

In his ruling via mail on Wednesday morning, High Court Judge, Musa Sekana pointed out that Basile Difasi and his colleagues did not use proper legal procedures in challenging the said changes.

“The applicant in this case ought to have applied for judicial review within 3 months after the change of name of the party from NURP to NUP i.e by 6th June 2019 but instead the applicants filed this application on 24th August 2020 after over one year,” Justice Sekana said.

For ‘abusing’ court processes, Justice Sekana dismissed the application with costs to the respondents.

“The judicial review guidelines or rules equally provide for locus standi and this would have been the threshold before the applicants would seek to challenge actions of the party. It is an abuse of court process. This application is dismissed with costs to the respondents. So I order,” he ruled.

The news has since excited Bobi Wine and his supporters who for now are now celebrating the victory, and say they are marching on to the final victory next year.

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