Health officials, leaders worry about surging COVID-19 cases in Kasese


Kasese, Uganda | AFRICATEMBELEA | Health officials and leaders in Kasese District are worried as cases of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the district continues to increase.

Kasese district has over 826 accumulative cases and 26 deaths.

They attribute the surge in COVID-19 cases to laxity in compliance to standard operating procedures – SOPs among the general public. Samuel Muhindo Kabinga, the District health disease surveillance focal person told Uganda Radio Network – URN that many people are treating the virus as a myth and thus disregard all preventive measures.

He adds that some people have returned to the old life behaviours including conducting open weddings and burials.

The biggest worry for the district health sector is that they have no capacity to handle emergency COVID-19 cases. Yusuf Baseke, the District Health Officer of Kasese says that people are slowly disregarding the routine of washing of hands while it’s only a few who wear face masks as recommended.

However, he says the district partnering with the ministry of health continues to give mass awareness campaigns on COVID-19.

Godrey Kabyanga, the Kasese Municipality Mayor is concerned about the relaxed observation of the standard operating procedures for curbing the spread of the COVID-19 disease.

Moses Thongo, who works in Kasese town argues that many people seem tired of adhering to the SOPs despite the threat. He adds that some business persons neglected enforcing the guidelines including taking temperatures of their clients.


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