Guest House Managers Held Over Theft from Polish Tourist

Tourist robbed clean at Salem Inn Guest House in Old Kampala

Kampala – Police are holding the managers of Salem Inn Guest House along Namirembe Road in Kampala for alleged theft of USD$ 7137 (approximately Shillings 26.3million from a polish tourists.

Luke Owoyesigire, the Deputy Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson told URN on Monday that Police swung into action following complaints of loss of property and money by the tourist.

He says detectives visited the guest house and recorded statements from the managers and forwarded their file to the Resident State Attorney for advice.

For the past weeks, the tourist who only identifies herself as SABATRAVELER on twitter has been posting messages expressing her disappointment with the authorities at the guest house and Uganda police for taking their time to handle her matter.

In a litany of tweets, the tourist says the theft occurred on November 13th, 2019. She immediately reported the case at Old Kampala Police Station for help in vain.

“For almost two weeks I was at Old Kampala and never got police report. Every day answer was: “Not ready, tomorrow”,” says the tourist.

She disclosed to URN that she lost US$5,454 (about Shillings 20m), Shillings 1.2M taken from her ATM two days earlier (USD$333.00), a tablet Samsung TPro, a Galaxy S4 smartphone, power bank, Anker USB HUB, various foreign currencies from countries she had visited valued to at least US$500.00.

“I am a traveler, means a tourist traveling the world to discover interesting places, culture, people. I am Polish. I had stayed in Uganda for over one month,” says the tourist. She adds that she left Uganda two weeks after the theft. “I did not feel safe there anymore, but I am not too far from Uganda,” she added.

Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) has apologized to the tourist for the “unfortunate incident”.

“We will do our best to recover your belongings and bring the lodge to account. Please inbox us details of what was lost and any other useful information to aid @tourismpoliceug ‘s investigation,” said UTB via their twitter handle @TourismBoardUg.

Her twitter outburst has generated mixed feelings and reactions from several tweeps with many wondering the authenticity of her story. One of the tweeps Matia Mubangizi says; “Very unfortunate experience, next time u [you] need not to reside at such places. Always look out for Hotels listed by Uganda Hotel Owners Association or @UgTourismBoard Some small hotels claim to welcome tourists when they are just fake & cheats. @Ugandahotel @AKasingye @edthnaka.”

Joachim Kato, a travel consultant also says; “This is now confusing. With all hotels in Uganda, you decide to stay in an inn with all that amount of money??? Had you come to Uganda as a tourist or just a Business lady? Let’s not confuse stuff here. I guess you had insurance. It will compensate for you.” Iga Mubarak Agaba @aganx says; “But who leaves behind USD 7000+ in a guesthouse?!! Something is isn’t right here.”


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