Good Streaming Numbers Don’t Make You Talented, says Burna Boy

Burna Boy laughs at the idea of good streaming numbers as a representation of talent. [Instagram/BurnaBoyGram]

A few days after creating a storm with his critique of international record deals, the singer who is due to release a summer album titled, ‘African Giant’ has again stirred the pot with his opinion on good streaming numbers.

According to Burna Boy, in the streaming era, anything goes and things are blown out of proportion for a venture with minimal chances of profit. The singer says that, the truth is, anything can ‘blow’ and succeed.

About 10 hours ago, Burna Boy took to his Instagram stories (@burnaboygram) and said that good streaming numbers don’t make you talented.

He types, “This streaming s**t be making people think they’re actually talented (laughs). If joke things like ‘Baby Shark’ and ‘Gangnam style’ can do more numbers than everyone, don’t think you are talented or respected (because) cuz of your streaming numbers.

“Everyone with real working brains knows what is a joke and what is real. Anyway, plenty talk nor dey reveal all. Time will reveal all.”

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