GILBERT BALUKU: Bobi Wine’s attack on Judges, My Take!

Gilbert Baluku

So David Lewis Rubongoya the NUP secretary general had his studies at Harvard University sponsored by Mr. Tibuhaburwa. Tibuhaburwa went on to endorse him for a job at the ministry of gender. The same Lewis contested for EALA MP on the NRM ticket as recent as 2017. He is the same Lewis that was one of the coordinators of University students in the East African Region rallying students to support Mr. Tibuhaburwa.

His recent strong attachments to NRM notwithstanding, he was still found the most qualified to become secretary general of “the real opposition” NUP. Bobi Wine does not nurse any iota of fear that Lewis could be working for someone else.

Political Party leaders in Uganda (all, except none) have built their legacy (or rather lack of it) on the “yes sir” dependency syndrome. I know for a fact a number of Ugandans, including elites, who would call it a “master stroke” if they found Bobi easing himself by the roadside and they would go on to wonder how God could have blessed him with such kind of wisdom.

Because of this, the appointment of Lewis to the most sensitive party position will be hailed as “having hooked a big fish” from NRM while the attack on judges with similar or even less previous attachment to NRM will be described as political smartness. If Lewis can cut ties with NRM, so can the judges.

That said, even if the three judges stepped aside, the ruling will be the usual one. “There were irregularities but not significant enough to alter the outcome of the election.” My take is that the attack on the judges will reduce the already slim hope in the petition. The heartless man in a hat did not spend billions in the togikwatako comedy to lose in an election or election petition. What would have been a 5 – 4 ruling will now be 7 – 2.

I have my headgear, stone proof and the rest of my PPE on.

Gilbert Baluku is a GSM Engineer at Waveguide Technologies

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