Gen Tumwine to Angina: Our Forces Should Never be dragged into Personal Matters

Gen Elly Tumwine (R) condemns Lt Gen Charles Angina's actions in land spat
By :
AT Reporter

KAMPALA – The Minister for Security Gen. Elly Tumwine on Friday clashed with Lt. Gen Charles Angina the Deputy Coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation over his decision to drag the army and police into the destruction of a boundary wall at Muyenga based Hotel International 2000 Ltd, belonging to City businessman Godfrey Kirumira.

Africa Tembelea understands that last month, Kirumira was slapped, kicked and pushed before he runaway without shoes after a scuffle that involved a land wrangle. At the time, it is said that, he kept shouting ‘this is my land, this country belongs to all of us’.

To Kirumira’s rescue, Africa Tembelea has learnt that Gen Tumwine stormed Muyenga this morning after Angina deployed soldiers and police, and was sight supervising the destruction of a hotel wall and building another inside the property that is said to belong to Kirumira.

Gen Tumwine has condemned the actions of Lt Gen Angina. He questioned the rationale of Angina dragging the national army and police into personal matters.

“Why do it during the night and not during the day. Don’t abuse our forces,” Gen Tumwine said in a stern warning to Lt Gen Angina.

“We all have wrangles and disagreements but we don’t use the force like this. We have worked so hard to preserve the image of our force and this is a small matter that should have been handled amicably,” he added.

Tumwine asked Angina to present letters from KCCA showing the land boundary, and noted that it should have been KCCA doing enforcement, and not him.

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