Gen Katumba Wamala Assailants Arrested, One Killed

Maj. General Paul Lokech shows a photo of one of the suspects
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Baluku Geoffrey

Kampala, Uganda – Police have confirmed the arrest of the assailants who at the start of last month attacked Works and Transport Minister Gen Edward Katumba Wamala, killing his daughter Nanyonjo Brenda and driver, Kayondo Haruna.

Deputy Inspector General of Police Maj Gen Paul Lokech while meeting reporters at the Police Headquarters in Kampala on Thursday, said that the major breakthrough was as a result of many leads, that were actively pursued by the task team and led to the arrest of Muhammad Kagugube alias BAFUMOYA on the 26.06.2021.

“Upon interrogation, he [BAFUMOYA] admitted to having participated in the violent attack, when he carried out surveillance on the movement of General Katumba Wamala from his home,” Maj Gen Lokech said.

He revealed how the suspects are part of a team trained in the North Kivu ADF camp.

“We would like to confirm that this is a straight forward case of political violence and domestic terrorism. The suspects are part of the team that trained in the North Kivu ADF camp and had started reactivating the domestic terror cells in the country,” he said.

– Arrests –

Muhammad Kagugube alias BAFUMOYA who was arrested on June 26, 2021 provided details, which led to the arrest of Walusimbi Kamada alias MUDINKA alias OGEMA, one of the riders who transported the shooters.

Upon his arrest, Bafumoya led the team, in reconstructing the scene and clearly demonstrated how the double murder and attempted assassination took place. And how he transported his shooter called KANAABE, through Kisota-Kisaasi-Bukoto upto Sebagala road, where he handed over the motorcycle to the shooter, Kanaabe.

Africa Tembela has learnt that a thorough search was conducted at all his known premises and valuable exhibits of a black helmet, 10 jackets, and one of the motorcycles used in the planning, preparation and execution of the plot recovered. The suspect was taken through the footages of surveillance and execution, and positively identified himself while riding one of the shooters, KANAABE.

According to Maj Gen Lokech, the task team then proceeded to Kawanda village and arrested KISAMBIRA SIRIMAN alias Mukwasi who received one of the killer weapons, from Lutwama Hussein alias Master, which he also later handed over to another member of the terror cell known as Mustafa Kawawa Ramadan alias AMIN alias MUSA. Also recovered from him was a motorcycle, under registration number UEJ283L which was used in the plot.

He revealed further that the team then followed up and arrested Mustafa Kawawa Ramadan alias AMIN alias MUSA, from his home in Maganjo “B” LC1, Seruwumba Sub-zone, Maganjo Parish, Nabweru Division. Upon search at his home, various exhibits, including materials used in making improvised explosive devices were recovered, as well as Al-Qaeda training manuals on how to make and detonate bombs, military materials, secret communication codes, and several Western Union transfer receipts from foreign services. Also recovered are two T-shits used during the surveillance of General Katumba.

Maj Gen Lokech also noted that the task team then tracked down and arrested Lubwama Hussein alias Kinene Christopher alias MASTER, a resident of Kabulengwa – Kyebando in Nansana Municipality; who was arrested along Nansana Nabweru road.

Kinene who is said to have been the team leader and head of a domestic terror cell, was subdued by the task team and later succumbed to injuries.

According to Gen Lokech, Kinene was the mastermind behind the plot, and the one who commanded all the other suspects before, during and after execution of the planned assassination. He provided all logistics of guns, motorbikes, mobile phones and facilitation used in the surveillance and execution.

Africa Tembelea has also learnt that this group has been behind the robberies of Nansana Cheap Store, Ntake Robbery and Murder and the robbery on the Supermarket at Mpererwe.

Their linkage to the earlier suspects Ismael Hussein Sserubula, 38 and Nyanzi Yusuf Siraje, 46, who were charged to court, is that the killer gun, is also linked to the murder of the late AIGP Andrew Felix Kawesi and Major Kiggundu.

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