FRANK GASHUMBA: Kadaga, how can you be a Speaker of Parliament yet the area you represent is infested with jiggers

Frank M Gashumba

Everything you stand for is a danger to women emancipation and are a let down to all the Women Movement efforts in Uganda!

You’ve been a woman MP for kamuli since 1989, a position that was created to uplift women and spearhead the Women’s rights movement. Unfortunately, you have succeeded in doing the opposite of that.

Tell me one woman you have successfully empowered apart from fighting them! The time is now for you to leave.

You were in the National Resistance Council (NRC), you participated in the Constitute Assembly (CA), you were a Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, you were a Minister for Communication, Minister for Regional Cooperation, you were a Deputy Speaker for ten (10) years, you have been a speaker for ten (10) years, those are twenty (20) years of speakership.

Kadaga Snubs NRM, Contests As Independent for Speaker

You have been Number 3 in the hierarchy of NRM government. All the above titles are not reflected in the lives of people you represent in Busoga region. What’s in Busoga apart from early pregnancy for young girls whom you pretend to fight for?
How can you be a speaker of Parliament and the yet the area you represent is infested with jiggers and you are telling me that you represent the common people?????

You are the most selfish and extravagant woman leader this country has had. And unfortunately, the peasants you represent don’t know that.

As a speaker, you have had a convoy of more than nine cars, how many ambulances are in Busoga??????

You have been flying like an air hostess. Actually, it’s on record that you have ever demanded Parliament to buy you a helicopter to fly you from Kampala to Kamuli!!!!!

That is just one of many ways in which you have exhibited your selfish and inconsiderate ways that have not been beneficial to this nation!

You need to leave that seat now! And I hope the people voting today vote you out.

If not for anything, let them do it for peasants back in Kamuli who you have poorly represented all these years! TWENTY YEARS ARE ENOUGH!!

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Africa Tembelea’s editorial stance.
Gashumba, is a Founder at National Action For Awakening Uganda (Sisimuka Uganda)

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