Floods submerge Paraa docking pier in Murchison Falls National Park


Kampala, Uganda | AFRICATEMBELEA | Floods have submerged the docking pier at Paraa in Murchison Falls National Park crippling transport.

UWA on Sunday issued a flood alert indicating that floods had submerged the ferry docking points at Paraa making it impossible for the ferry to operate across the Nile River.

Hanji Bashir, the UWA spokesperson says that the flooding was as a result of the continued rising water levels of the Nile resulting from persistent heavy downpours.

He explained that visitors going to the northern and southern banks of the park have been encouraged to access the park through Tangi gate, Kichumbanyobo and Bungu gates respectively to avoid the risks of accidents.

Initially, visitors would use either boat to sail through River Nile or use ferries to cross to the Northern and Southern banks of the park from Paraa.

Last year in December, floods crippled mobility at the Murchison Falls National Park of Tangi bridge which is over 110 kilometers from Karuma Bridge along Pakwach road.


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