Farting, crying, pregnancy among reported side-effects of AstraZeneca Vaccine

By :
Kirunda Dan

Kampala, Uganda – More than a dozen countries—including France, Germany, Italy and Spain—have suspended their administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine over a handful of reports by people experiencing blood clots following the inoculation.

Because the vaccine is still in its emergency-use stages, all self-reported side effects are recorded, and after being administered to over 11 million individuals in the UK, AstraZeneca has registered some self reported side effects.

According to Quartz (www.qz.com), the list of self-reported side effects got from scientists, include farting, pregnancy, day dreaming, alcohol poisoning, crying, anger and genital herpes.

These self-reported side effects (click) might sound worrisome but a closer look is actually reassuring since people are reporting all sorts of conditions they experience after taking the vaccine, including the ones that could never be caused by the vaccine.

It comes back to you to make your judgement on the use of the vaccine.

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