ENTEBBE: What To See, Do At Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre


ENTEBBE – The Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Center (UWEC) is a fun and exciting place to see and learn about animals and the ecosystems in which they live.

Originally founded in the 1950s to accommodate confiscated and injured wildlife and to look after orphan animals confiscated from smugglers, the Centre has grown considerably in recent years

At UWEC you will come across free ranging Vervet monkeys and a family troop of DeBraza monkeys in the jungle of the Centre’s hillside forest. Over 120 bird species can be watched ranging from the famous African fish eagle, over the Great Blue Turaco to Hammerkops, Giant Kingfisher and even the smallest sun birds.

This facility is not a zoo in a conventional sense and neither is it a Safari Park but it is a center where wildlife education is combined with leisure.

Day Visits

Whether you have days or just hours in Entebbe and you are wondering how to spend your precious time? Visit the Wildlife Education Centre- (Entebbe Zoo).

Fees range from UGX 10,000 for Adults and 5,000 for Children (East Africans), while Non East Africans (Residents) pay UGX 20,000 ($10) for adults and UGX 10,000 ($5) for Children (residents).

Non East African (Adults) pay UGX 30,000 ($15) while the children are charged UGX 15,000 ($8)

Long stay Volunteer Program

As a Long Stay Volunteer, you and your friends, family enjoy being part of the dedicated UWEC team, in a shadow keeper’s role. You undertake a series of activities that range from food preparation, animal observation, cleaning of holding facilities, enclosure, being surrogate mother to the sick, injured animals or in distress or undertake interpretation talks among other tasks.

But most importantly, you get to help out at least five days a week and make a difference to the life of animals under the wildlife education Centre’s care!

This program at $93.00 /Per Day is open to all members of the public with interest in; Community/ adult education, caring for animals in distress and need and animal medicine or veterinary health.

Among the Health/ Vaccinations/ boosters required prior to under taking this program include Hepatitis A (20 years), Hepatitis B (5 years), Measles (MMR) (10 – 15 years), Meningococcal meningitis (ACWY strains) (3 years), Polio (10 years), Tetanus (10 years) vaccine, Rabies (2 years after completion of initial dose) and a negative Tuberculosis test/ chest X ray or other test.

The minimum period for one to participate is one week to months/ year.

Behind the Scenes

Giraffes at Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Center in Entebbe are beautiful, majestic and graceful!

This two-hour educative adventure offers special inside look tours and interesting information about how the Centre takes care of her residents (animals and birds). While on this exciting adventure, you will have a close up and personal encounter with the lions, elephants plus many more wonders you have perhaps never imagined meeting.

Non East Africans wishing to partake of this activity, will pay $70 per adult and $ 35 for kids while Foreign Residents are charged $ 50 for adults and $ 15 for kids. For East Africans, the charge per adult will be Ugx 50,000 and 30,000 for a child.

Chimpanzee Close Up Experience

Have you ever imagined meeting your closest cousin without a barrier in between? Subject to provision of valid health proof, you get to participate in the chimpanzee integration experience. This is done in company of a keeper.

Listen to the chimp caregiver talk about how they came to the Centre, behavior and challenges. Be ready to be groomed by the infants and return a favor through carrying or grooming them.

Chimps enjoy rough trickles and can be rough. Your guide will help interpret the different sounds, gestures and advise on how to behavior whilst with your cousins.

Imagine a chimp hold their cup of porridge, peeling a banana or asking for more food! Find out all these and much more through participating in this unique once in a life-time experience!

Fees for this activity go for $ 290 per day, and its conducted Monday to Sunday, early morning at 7.30 am. This close up experience however, requires prior reservation and health clearance so as to avoid cross transmission of diseases.

The Exclusive VIP Experience

This wildlife experience at UWEC is your personalized adventure! You get up close and personal with the wildlife education Centre’s animal ambassadors, and get to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience…

This unique experience is tailored to your interests and needs. The charges for foreign nonresidents range from $100 for adults and $50 for children, while foreign residents are charged $50 for adults and $25 for children.

East Africans are charged Ugx 35,000 per adult and 15,000 shillings for children.

Keeper for A Day

Are you a working adult or a student wondering what it would be like to have a career with animals? Or are you just thinking of taking time off from your daily routine? If so, the Keeper for a Day program is for you!

Similar to a job shadowing, participants spend the day with UWEC’s animal keepers who will share their passion for animals with you.

Participate in hands-on-activities such as preparing animal meals, cleaning enclosures and providing enrichment to stimulate them both mentally and physically.

Fees for this activity go for $ 150 (Foreign Nonresident) with lunch and a drink also included, while foreign residents are charged $ 75 per day. East Africans who want to partake in this activity are charged Ugx 35,000.

Keeper for a Day

This hands on day program is specifically designed for children aged 6- 16 years’ old who would like to work with animals and plants. It’s a wonderful opportunity for children who would like to develop a career with animals or love to be around them.

The package includes food and drink, play time and certificate. If interested, the fees per child (Foreign nonresident) will be $ 70 and $ 35 (Non E.A Residents), while East Africans are charged Ugx 50,000.

Forest Trail

Here, you get to experience a one kilometer natural pristine forest walk with free ranging birds, mammals, butterflies and chameleons among others in an exclusive and safe environment. Learn about plants and their medicinal values at the Centre’s garden, with over 100 plants that create a peaceful landscape for both the visitors and resident-animals.

This guided walk is charged $ 15 for foreign nonresidents (Adults) and $ 5 for children while foreign residents pay $ 10 (per adult) and $ 5 per child per day.

For East Africans, adults are charged Ugx 10,000 and 5,000 for children.

Other services offered at the Wildlife Conservation Education Centre include a kids play area and accommodation (hostel and exclusive Bandas).

UWEC’s hostel comprises of either private single beds or communal bunk beds with shared toilets, bathrooms with running water and power.

The exclusive African traditional- styled furnished cottages (6 Double Occupancy and 2 Family Bandas), are also available. These are adjacent to the Kidepo exhibit where you can be able to see a variety of animals including the giraffes as they gracefully walk about.

Also available is a campsite that offers affordable space to pitch your tent. It’s a great meeting place for travelers, families and groups from world over. (Recommended that you bring your own camping gears)

The Wildlife Education Centre is also a romantic alternative to traditional wedding venue and provides a magical backdrop for your special day. While at UWEC, you can get to host your guests at the beach-side or at the magnificent jetty area.

For schools and big groups, do not hesitate to contact management through email: [email protected] or phone number +256 414 320 520


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