Elegu OSBP will improve Clearance times and facilitate cross border trade

The newly constructed One stop Border post at Elegu. AT Photo
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ELEGU – The Ministry of Works and Transport on Thursday November 15th, 2018 handed over the Elegu One Stop Border Post (OSBP) to Uganda Revenue Authority at a ceremony officiated by the Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives, Hon Amelia Kyambadde.

Site handover of the Elegu Nimule Border Post from the contractor M/s Architect Consults(U) Ltd to Uganda Revenue Authority (URA). AT Photo

Speaking on behalf of Government, Hon Amelia Kyambadde thanked the Government of South Sudan for cooperating with Uganda to construct the powerful Elegu OSBP.

“Our trade benefits with South Sudan had significantly declined because of insecurity there. However, I hope this OSBP will make great a difference,” added Amelia Kyambadde.

On his part, Hon Mou Mou the South Sudan under secretary in the Ministry of Trade, Industry and EAC affairs said that, “As we wait for our part of South Sudan to be completed together with TradeMark EastAfrica, we’re grateful for this trade door that’s going to make cross border trade fast.”

Like the other OSBP’s, Elegu OSBP will bring customs and other government agencies from Uganda and South Sudan together, working under one roof to quicken export and imports while reducing costs of doing business.

The Elegu border in Northern Uganda effectively brings the number of OSBPs in Uganda to five.

“It is a major entry and exit point between Uganda and South Sudan with very large volumes of goods and people crossing every day,” noted Mr. Kateshumbwa Dicksons, the Commissioner Customs at Uganda Revenue Authority.

Over the years, border agencies have endured tremendous pressure to serve under unfavorable conditions for both the travelers, traders and officials to meet the needs of the “New Nation”.

Flooding, which was a unique challenge for the community using this border is set to be a thing of the past upon the completion of this facility.

Mr. Kateshumbwa Dicksons further said that over the last 5 years Trade volumes in terms of exports through Elegu border have grown from UGX 197.8Bn to UGX 225.2Bn while imports have grown from UGX 0.5Bn to UGX 1.2Bn with transits through Elegu border surging from UGX 92Bn to UGX 200Bn.

The construction of ELEGU OSBP was co-funded by Government of Uganda and DFID UK through TradeMark EastAfrica. AT Photo

Operationalization of the Elegu OSBP will lead to improved Clearance times with all government agencies operating under one roof, facilitation of cross border traders with a COMESA trade information desk, improvement of working environment for staff, establishment of a Women Traders Office to cater for their unique needs and a holistic approach to border management effectively strengthening government’s ability to address strategic issues of the various stakeholders at the OSBP.

Next year, Non- intrusive Inspection Scanners will be installed at the border to avert concealment of contraband and to protect the society from harmful imports among other benefits.

Uganda Revenue Authority’s development partners through Trade Mark East Africa (TMEA) have been pivotal in the establishment of the OSBP facility.

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