EDWIN MUZAHURA to PRESIDENT MUSEVENI: Don’t allow lazy none innovative people mislead you!

Edwin Muzahura, CEO Networth Consult

Mr. President don’t allow lazy none innovative people mislead you. Such directives distort Market forces and competition. Let New Vison and UPPC develop attractive products with competitive rates and MDAs will naturally run to them.

This monopoly is very dangerous and not good for business.

There are lots of individual investors who have borrowed money from Banks and invested heavily in securing state of the art machinery for such large scale printing and designs.

Such a directive could render Nasser road and Nkurumah Road young business men and women jobless.

These Board members quite often lack both the ability to guide Management on innovation and creativity and seek to hoodwink you into such foul play.

This is very bad for open market business and breads laziness and unfairness.

Such policies continue to annoy the ordinary citizen and the NRM stands to lose support in the short and long term.

I beg that next time some lazy folks come to you hoping to get it easy by dodging the competition and leading you to fault the standard procurement rules, please order their arrest immediately.

This is very very dangerous for business sustainability!

Muzahura is the Chief Executive Officer at Networth Consult. He previously served as Marketing Manager at Uganda Tourism Board


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