EDWIN MUZAHURA: The Tragedy of Africa!

Mr. Edwin Muzahura
By :

Edwin Muzahura

As Africans we have for Hundreds of years blamed our woes and backwardness on slavery, colonization, apartheid amongst the many evils we attribute to the white Foreign powers.

This unfortunately has been an ugly scape goat that we use to cover our own inherent challenges that led to those ills in the first place.

Corrupt, weak Chiefs coupled with an illiterate backward society could not survive any invasion even if it was just locusts attacking our fore fathers.

Countries like China, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea have turned round their fortunes with in less than 100yrs some being first class Countries.

On the other hand, Africans all over the world even those that were taken as slaves in the Caribbean, Americas or left behind in Africa are still languishing in Poverty and crime being re-colonized or on the verge of being wiped out as they blame the Western settlers for actions against their forefathers.

We have refused to accept that we must focus on solving the weaknesses’ that caused us to be colonized and enslaved in the first place.

We shun relevant Education, have corrupt leaders, dysfunctional Governance systems, pre and colonial focused Education Systems, Religious Confusion that breeds laziness and theft and we still blame the white man for our hunger, starvation, wars, ill health systems, epidemics etc.

In fact, our early interaction through colonization and slave trade should have helped us as key experiences to guide the shaping of our future.

– Xenophobia –

Mozambique national Emmanuel Sithole is attacked by men in Alexandra township during anti-immigrant violence. /COURTESY Photo

To date we are the least developed human race and we have now turned on each other to fight for the little the white man either left or throws at us like the case in South Africa.

Black South Africans instead of embracing Education, Industrialization, Innovation Production are busy killing other Africans whose only crime is to work and live in their Country ages after Apartheid.

They have focused their energies on lamentations, self-pity, theft, crime, corruption and witchcraft both within Church and Society.

They used to blame the white man and now that he is no longer in charge of their destiny they have one option to turn on other Africans.

That is the poor ordeal of the African. He will blame everybody else for his woes apart from himself.

That has led to acyclic nature of our predicament well guided by corruption and ill Governance we are safely and steadily on the right path to full re-colonization.

In fact, this time our re-colonization unlike at least the earlier one with European powers alone this time round it’s with Asians and Americans.

Actually we are already colonized but this time round through our own people, systems as their agents and through their Banks, Aid etc.

That is the reason you can’t even see African Union (AU) making a statement or condemning what is going on in South Africa.

We are entirely responsible for our predicament and destiny.

In the past such barbaric character as being done in South Africa were exhibited through other practices such as cannibalism, human sacrifice, witchcraft, night dancing etc.

These are no different from what is happening in South Africa only that now we are able to see them with the interface of Internet.

Am almost close to concluding that perhaps we would be better off under colonization as a people having failed to manage our own issues.

In some cases, all infrastructure that they left behind is no more or we still use what they left under terrible management especially South of Africa.

Wake up Africa no one owes us our future or destiny.


Muzahura, is a former Marketing Manager at Uganda Tourism Board

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