EDWIN MUZAHURA: NUP Radical Supporters Give Museveni A Free Pass To 2026

Muzahura Edwin. /Courtesy Photo

There is a group of Ugandans whose major interest in their day to day business is simply stability. They wake up everyday to hustle for every coin they have.

They must be able to take their kids to school early morning and dash to their side or corner shop or office to make a living. They expect no freebies from anybody and must work to be able to pay fees, rent, and keep food on the table.

Their only and big interest in any election is a leader who assures and ensures that they have stability. That no one will forcefully carry away their merchandise, or threaten their children or family. They want to sell their pancakes, bread or fruits to the busy folks going home in the evening peacefully and go home with their day’s catch!

Or they hope someone will buy their early morning Katogo or juice as they settle in their offices.

Even when they are employed quite often they have aside hustle they keep an eye on.

Others have small and medium service offices either as Consultants, Tour Operators, mechanics or Suppliers.

They can only operate in a stable environment and as they match to the polling station on 14th January 2021, that will be top on their minds.

Most of these folks have inter-married and tribal rhetoric irritates and scares them to the borne. Even when they have not inter-married, they do business with all people regardless of their tribe or gender.

The biggest tribe of interest they understand is called “Money,” and they must work to earn it period.

Now, whereas even some of them agree and indeed may want change, they worry about how that change will occur and to who???!

Whereas Bobi Wine as a leading opposition contender in this race has indeed some sober minds around him; the likes of Joel Ssenyonyi and Lubogoyas etc. Its also true that their downstream main supporters have not helped their cause or the, former have deliberately refused to reign on their errant rowdy chaotic supporters.

Supporters that carry Machetes and snatch aside mirror off your car simply because you cant give them money, have most certainly scared a lot of independent voters already.

Supporters that use threats and insults even online to attack anyone who slightly disagrees with their position, these have already done a good job for Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

They will abuse anyone, threaten any position whether elders, clergy or leader with insults we have not heard recently. For them anyone that disagrees with them is an enemy.

On the other side cleverly the Museveni camp is persuasive and reaching out to dissenting elements to their camp.

The NUP foot soldiers have literally scared all would be supporters with what would befall them if they captured power.

In so doing they have solidified and given Mr. Museveni a free vote from the folks they terrorize and threaten.

People want to be able to go on with life after the election with stability.

So whereas you thought the slogan of “Securing your Future” by NRM didn’t make sense, I assure you it does and a lot of folks will vote for that stability.

Fortunately for NRM and Mr. Museveni, that stability has only been tested under their leadership and as the Baganda say “gwewalabyeko ye mwana”!

For that alone NRM indeed YKT Museveni will carry the day come 14th Jan 2021!

Muzahura, is the Chief Executive Officer at Networth Consult & Former Marketing Manager at Uganda Tourism Board

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