Muzahura Edwin. /Courtesy Photo

Looking around the Country we are losing our Forest cover at an alarming rate.

All wet lands are slowly but surely being reclaimed and depleted either for settlement, Agriculture or Sand Mining.

All Lakes, Rivers catchment areas are invaded either settled in or being reclaimed for Agriculture and Industries.

All or most illegal activities against the Enviroment have clearances from the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) as having done Enviromental and Impact Assesment plans.

Their latest attempt at giving away part of Bugoma Forest for Sugar growing should be awake up call to all that care about this Country and our future.

Am told we even have surplus Sugar without market currently but why there is burning desire to grow more sugar in the Forest only God knows.

The Colonialists we so demonise had the intellect and wisdom to gazette and protect these invaluable Natural resources now we are destroying our selves!

Looking around Kampala and Central Uganda, clearly Nema is part of the problem than asolution.

Disband Nema and we create amore responsive, relevant and serious institution before we lose over 80% of all our Natural Forest and Ecological systems!

Muzahura, is the Chief Executive Officer at Networth Consult & Former Marketing Manager at Uganda Tourism Board

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