EDWIN MUZAHURA: “Irony of Empty Lodges Foul Cry” to Government and their crazy hotel rates!

Networth Consult CEO Muzahura Edwin
By :
Edwin Muzahura

Lately Hotel and Lodge owners have been making loud noise about lack of business at their properties due to the Airport closure and Covid 19 limitations.

Indeed some key Hotels especially in Kampala, Entebbe and other towns have greatly reduced their prices to attract Ugandans for Domestic Tourism and places like Brovad Sands in Ssese Islands are picking up with innovative affordable rates.

To the Contrary the Lodges most of which are in the National Parks whose owners are crying to Govt for bail outs and subsidies continue to hike and charge unrealistic Dollar rates to Ugandans as they make false alarms about lack of business.

Why would abasic property in the Park charge a Ugandan $800 dollars a night just for Bed and breakfast?

Same lodges have been making un interupted business for years while charging unrealistic exploitative rates. Now that there is aslight shake up they are wailing falsely for help as they continue to frustrate Domestic Tourism they preach most.

A scan through most Lodges in the National Parks shows that their rates have not changed and even then most of them are actually full.

The cry for undue bailouts is largely a false alarm by some that want free or low rated Government money.

We should instead give support to Tour Operators and afew tax waivers to hotels like Sheraton, Serena, Munyonyo, Protea etc that have suffered real shock not the false alarmers with their weird rates.

Muzahura, is the Chief Executive Officer at Networth Consult, & Former Marketing Manager at Uganda Tourism Board

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