EDWIN MUZAHURA : How the State is making Bobi Wine!!

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Edwin Muzahura

The state machinery in abid to subdue and stop the Ghetto man, they are making abig mistake and instead growing his brand even within circles that never knew him or were never interested in anything him.

Bobi Wine suprised by Police encroachment to his freedom

Humanity and Ugandans in particular hate unfairness and out right witch hunt.

I have personaly supported one Political Party all my life which is NRM and indeed served it even at University.

But to have His Excellency rightly promote Bebe Cool’s show in Kiwatule and then have Bobi Wines show stopped doesnt work for the state at all.

Infact it hurts Bobi Wine financially with his promoters in the short run but hurts NRM more in the long run.

Before you know it, you will have made him so popular, so powerful, so loved that stopping him will be impossible or too costly for the establishment!

It gets even those that were never interested in Bobi Wine interested and as you keep cancelling his show actually appetite for them grows further within the population.

Even NRM leaning objective and fair supporters start picking empathy for Bobi Wine and finally start having a soft spot for him or his activities.

The damage the state institutions like Police or army suffer both online and other media is un imaginable.

The regime suffers arough spate of Public Relations (PR) world over and will cost it in the long run.

Unfortunately there are very few people within our party and around the President that can even sit down to analyse such impact or tell him the truth. Most are cheer leaders looking for the next envelope or deal.

At the end of the day some of us who have invested our time in such aparty and are still relatively young get weary and frustrated by these ego filled, careless, unstrategic decisions making the party more unpopular with in the population especially amongst the young majority. It hurts NRM more to stop Bobiwine’s shows.

If I were in Police, I would provide security to Bobi Wine just like I would do to Bebe Cool and if the state wants to draw more crowds to Kiwatule they can do that through Media support, transport etc but let Bobi Wine be!

In the long run the population will appreciate the fairness and hold Bobi Wine to blame if he insults any one at his shows but to simply keep stoping his shows unfairly is both unacceptable and counter productive!!

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Africa Tembelea’s editorial stance.


Muzahura, is former Marketing Manager at Uganda Tourism Board

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