EAT OR BE EATEN: Rumble in the Jungle – Twaake officially launched

Clive Musaazi at Nature's Green Resort, Kaazi.
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Baluku Geoffrey

KAMPALA – The first edition of Rumble in the Jungle, Twaake has officially been launched on Thursday November 14. Powered by silk events, the event will run over 24hours from 12pm on Saturday December 21st to 12pm on Sunday December 22nd, 2019 at Nature’s Green Resort, Kaazi.

Speaking to the media earlier today, Clive Musaazi, said Rumble in the Jungle – under the brand Twaake was an innovative and creative arm of Silk Events executing young, vibrant and exciting festival experiences for its audience.

“Rumble in the Jungle, Eat or be Eaten – is a Jungle themed event that has been inspired by Uganda’s beautiful nature, the exciting culture of the people and great food,” said Musaazi.

“It is a celebration our livelihoods,” he added.

According to Musaazi, the Eat or Be Eaten event will be homage to a blaring music experience with over 20 Deejays, unseen before stage designs, a mystical forest ambience, wildlife, arts, games, great food and drink.

With various locations for fun, the first will be a larger stage called “The Canopy” that plays mainstream music, while the second more intimate location called “The Cove” will play alternative music.

In the ‘Kasikirize’, the trees will have fairy lights attached to their trunks and extend up to the branches to create a mystical ambience. There will also be eating areas for those in attendance to eat comfortably and the night will reveal different colored electric Chinese lanterns draped high above the eating areas.

With the event expected to attract a representation from across all age groups, including Ugandans and Foreign alike, the Captain’s Cove will be the place to chill as it will provide an intimate, euphoric, eclectic and immersive surrounding. Those in this corner of the event will be right next to their DJ which will allow for a tangible experience.

Around the cove, there will also be live performances featuring indigenous instruments like the akogo from the Iteso tribe and a shrine for arts and crafts that includes art installations.

Matching the jungle theme, Africa Tembelea understands the organisers will include animal and jungle themed art installations in the form of sculptures and murals all over the venue.

“The largest installations will have a conservation story attached to them to create awareness of endangered species in Uganda. Those in attendance will be given the opportunity to donate towards the conservation efforts of Uganda Wildlife Education Centre,” said Elvis Sekyanzi from Silk Events.

To spice it up, Sekyanzi noted, that there will be diverse foods accommodated with vendors offering both vegan and gluten free options.

The inaugural Rumble in the Jungle event has attracted key sponsors including Captain Morgan Brand from Uganda Breweries Ltd as well as Nature’s Green Resort, Kaazi. Early bird tickets are going for 30k while tickets at the gate will be got at 50k. It doesn’t get much better than that!

-Nature’s Green Resort

Nature’s Green Resort, Beach Kaazi.

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