EAC Security Officers Complete Peace Support Operations Training

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A group of 26 security officers from East African Community partner States of Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, plus Malawi and Uganda the host have completed a seven day Peace Support operations (PSO) training at the Legal training centre (LTC) jinja in Gadaffi barracks.

The facilitators of the training were from; United Kingdom (UK), Netherlands, Germany and Italy.

Officiating as chief guest at the closing ceremony, the Joint Chief of Staff (JCOS) Lt Gen Joseph Musanyufu, congratulated officers upon completion of the training and said that, this is a sign of regional corporation designed to shapen and govern peace operators.

He noted that LTC was started in 2014 with the help of Germany, Netherlands, UK and Italy and is now fully functioning having conducted varrious courses of Brigade Legal Officers Course (BLOC), Comand Legal Officers Course (CLOC) and PSO.he said that these courses used to be conducted in Italy.

Musanyufu noted that UPDF is hornoured to host this course and comended the cooperation enhanced beteeen UPDF and the facilitators from Germany, Italy, UK, and Netherlands.

He emphasised that, since our region is not very peaceful, there is need to impact knowledge about peace operations to our troops and encouraged officers to go and impact knowledge aquired at LTC to their troops and subsquently apply it in the field of peace keeping. For example, “we have peace keeping missions in Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC), Sudan, Central African Republic (CAR) and Somalia where this knowledge can be applied”. Said Gen Musanyufu.

He further noted that, this course helps the forces to share knowledge since peace operations are now carried out jointly.

The Deputy Secreatary of the Institute of International Humantarian Law (IIHL) Dr Gian Luca Baruto said that, there is a wide range of legal issues in current peace operations met with new challenges.

He added that the world is currently experiencing an increase in international peace operations, therefore the need for more of such trainings.
“this was the second training of PSO here at LTC and the IIHL will conduct the third next year here at LTC”

He appreciated the hospitality by the UPDF which has enabled them to conduct a course here.

The Commandant of LTC Lt Col Suzan Mwanga who also acted as yhe director of the course thanked the UPDF leadership for the support that has enabled success of the course.

She informed the chief guest that participants of the training were taken through the following course modules.

International Humantarian law, Internally Displaced Peoples’ and refugees, Police and law enforcement in PSO, Challenge of Human rights in PSO, Responsibilities of peace keepers, Application of Human Law amoung others.

The function was also attended by Defence attache from Tanzania Lt Gen SS Mkumbo, Comissioner of Police Manirakiza Emmanuel from Burundian Embassy, Brig Gen Dan Kuwali from Malawi who was also part of the facilitating team, Lt Col Ardan Fowuij from Netherlands, Maj Christooher Kip Storr from UK, Mr Erol Arduc and Dr Gian Luca Baruto from Italy.

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