Don’t lower your guard against COVID-19, Oulanyah urges Ugandans

Deputy Speaker of Parliament addressing mourners at the burial of Col. Acellam in Omoro district on Tuesday, 6 October 2020
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Kampala, Uganda – The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah, has asked Ugandans to keep a presence of mind on Covid-19, which he said is claiming lives and hurting families.

Speaking during the funeral of the late Col. Christopher Acellam in Omoro district on Tuesday, October 6, Oulanyah said while the Covid-19 positive cases are on the rise and continue to claim lives, Ugandans are steadily slackening and lowering their guards.

“This Covid-19 is a serious matter and it is claiming lives and destroying families; yet you find people drinking alcohol and neglect measures to guard against the pandemic,” Oulanyah said.

The Deputy Speaker described the late Col. Acellam as a hardworking UPDF officer whose peace building and wealth creation efforts were indelible.

Col. Acellam, 60, succumbed to Covid-19 related complications and is survived by a widow and seven children. He was buried as per the health ministry’s strict protocols.

Oulanyah said it is pointless for other Ugandans to take heed and follow the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as communicated by President Yoweri Museveni and the Ministry of Health, while others act unbothered, actions he said would make ineffective the efforts of Ugandans trying to ward off the pandemic.

Brig. Gen. Rugadya Akiiki, who represented the Chief of Defence Forces, Gen. David Muhoozi, said a section of politicians are on a spree of misleading Ugandans to the point of doubting the existence of the pandemic, but said the unfortunate bit is when the disease claims one of their own, at which point it would be too late.

“With politics in Uganda, there are other groups that are saying there is no Covid-19 in Uganda and that it is a ploy by government to make money; when you have lost a relative to Covid-19, that is the moment you will come to terms with the seriousness of the pandemic,” he said.

The sendoff was witnessed by Brig. Gen. Flavia Byekwaso, the UPDF MP and Spokesperson, UPDF MP Maj. Susan Lakot, Omoro MP Catherine Lamwaka and Nwoya MP Simon Oyet.

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