DAVID LEWIS RUBONGOYA: Who will guide the nation?

David Lewis Rubongoya

Who will guide the nation now that you’re gone? Who will guide the nation when the thunders roar and the hailstorms rage? When the waters rise and mountains crumble! The men of God who said it as it was. Who will guide the nation now that you’re gone?

Sheikh Muzaata told our rulers that their time was up. Speaking with fearlessness and courage, he reminded our rulers of the fate of those who came before them. That was bound to be their fate if they did not change their ways- he roared. He called for justice and fair treatment of Muslims who are so often profiled and targeted. He laughed at those who get drunk on power, and forget that Allah (SWT) is in charge. Who will speak so boldy; so eloquently now that you’re gone?

Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga spoke fiercely against abductions and extrajudicial killings. He called on the corrupt to repent and change their ways. He condemned land grabbers and reminded them that these are earthly things. He asked the powerful to stop speaking with arrogance, because God is the ultimate giver of life. Who will speak for the poor, for the oppressed now that you’re gone?

Archbishop Jonah Lwanga prophecied that Uganda would only be free when the present system crumbles. He called for electoral reforms and electoral justice. He spoke with a seriousness and authority of the Old Testament prophets. His grey beard manifested wisdom and experience. He condemned the use of force, and shuddered at those who so easily end other’s lives. Who will speak truth to power now that you’re gone?

Bishop John Baptist Kaggwa spoke against the use of teargas and live ammunition against unarmed citizens. He called for the restoration of term limits as the only guarantor for sustainable peace and security. He condemned those who never get contented with what they have, but spend all their lives fighting to get more and more at the expense of the nation. He challenged Ugandans to rise to the occasion and elect leaders who will truly represent them. Who will speak calmly and yet firmly about social justice now that you’re gone?

Sheikh Dr. Anas Kaliisa taught and guided the nation. Often speaking in parables, he castigated the use of force and corruption that have permeated our society. He went from place to place teaching about the goodness of Islam as a religion of peace. He condemned those who were always keen to paint with negativity. He yearned for a future where all Ugandans would be treated equally regardless of religion or region of origin. Who will call for peace, unity and tranquility now that you’re gone?

In one chorus, these clerics called for genuine dialogue, as the only way through which harmony and tranquility would be achieved in this our motherland. Who will guide the nation now that you’re gone?

The writer serves as Secretary General of the National Unity Platform (NUP).


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