COVID-19: Uganda receives ‘Safe Tourism Seal’

Boat Cruise on the Nile River in Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda. /Courtesy Photo
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Baluku Geoffrey

KAMPALA – Uganda Tourism Board-UTB has been awarded the ‘Safer Tourism Seal’ on account of the destinations recognition that the hospitality industry’s number one job is the protection of its guests and of those working in the industry.

“It is with great delight and honor that we want to award the Uganda Tourism Board with Rebuilding Travel’s Safer Tourism’s Seal,” Dr. Peter E. Tarlow, Chief of Validation for Safer Tourism said in an approval letter to UTB.

According to Dr. Tarlow, the award is based on information that UTB provided to Rebuilding Travel, a global pro-tourism industry group composed of members of tourism boards, ministers of tourism, professional associations, industry stakeholders, researchers, academics and travelers.

Dr. Tarlow said that Uganda can take great pride in that many of its public officials are tourism-sensitive.

“They understand the importance of tourism and how tourism impacts the nation’s reputation and standing not only in tourism but also in the world,” said Dr. Tarlow, adding that safety, security, reputation, economic viability, and health were essential factors in winning the Safer Tourism Seal.

The seal recognizes that there is no 100% safety and security in the world, however, use of the term “safer tourism” indicates that the entity awarded such a seal has established a dynamic tourism surety program that demands continual reviews, revisions, and upgrades.

Speaking to Africa Tembelea, Mr. Samora Semakula, Uganda Tourism Board’s Quality Assurance Manager, was cognizant of the devastation, COVID-19 has had on the tourism sector not just in Uganda but across the world.

He revealed that the “Safer Tourism Seal” (STS) was timely, and will help build travelers’ confidence in Uganda during these precarious times.

“This [STS] recognition is timely as Uganda prepares to reopen Entebbe International Airport and all its other border points after months of closure due to COVID-19. This stamp will allow travelers to recognize Uganda as a safe destination once the airport is reopened since all safety protocols are now in place,” said Mr. Semakula.

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