COVID-19 Homebased Care Patients in Kabale Sneaking to Bars


Some COVID-19 patients under home-based care management in Kabale district are sneaking to bars, according to health officials.

Currently, 70 COVID-19 patients are admitted at Kabale Regional Referral Hospital while another 409 patients are under the home care management system.

The cases were recorded between May 27th and June 16th, 2021. However, Paddy Mwesigye, the Kabale District Covid-19 Secretary who also doubles as the Assistant District Health Officer-in-Charge of Child and Maternal, says that they have registered cases where some of the patients under home-based care stealthily sneak out of their homes to bars to drink alcohol.

He says that the patients end up missing freely with other people and further spread the virus.

According to Mwesigye, because of the conduct of the people under home-based care, the task force has resolved to send the list of infected persons to their area village chairpersons and Village Health Team members to watch over them.

Dr. Sophie Namasopo, the Director Kabale Regional Referral Hospital, says that she has also received a complaint about one of the patients under home-based care in Kabale municipality who continues moving around to hotels to buy meals.

She says that most of those breaching the home-based care guidelines, which require them to self-isolate still alone in their homes.


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