COVID-19: Boda Boda Association Petitions Speaker Kadaga, Seek To Transport Passengers

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga, with the Kira Municipality Boda Boda leadership after their meeting
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The Boda boda Association of Kira Municipality in Wakiso district has petitioned the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga to address their plight so that they are allowed to transport passengers, which is more lucrative than delivery of merchandise.

As part of the measures to mitigate the spread of the Covid-19, government limited the operations of boda boda riders to delivery of merchandise only.

The speaker of the association, Julius Byarugaba, said that they are struggling to sustain their families because their businesses have been affected.

“Many of us have been evicted from houses due to failure to pay rent. We are witnessing increase in domestic violence cases in our families because the men cannot provide,” he said.

Byarugaba said that government should allow boda bodas to carry passengers and ensure they wear face masks and helmets.

“We even propose that riders be restricted to work within their districts to limit movement of passengers from one district to another,” he said.

Kadaga assured the riders of her support, saying that she had recently raised the matter with government during the plenary sitting this week.

“I will raise this matter again today during the plenary sitting,” Kadaga pledged.

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