COVID-19: Airlines to Start Spraying Upon Landing in Entebbe

Entebbe International Airport

ENTEBBE – The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has issued strict guidelines for Airlines landing at the Entebbe International Airport from the 31 category 1 countries affected by the Coronavirus (COVID -19).

Airlines have been tasked to ensure that travelers to Uganda from the category 1 countries affected by the virus book in advance to stay in Government designated quarantine areas before boarding. The aircraft management is also mandated to spray the aircraft after people have disembarked on arrival at the Airport.

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According to David Kakuba, the Director General Civil Aviation Authority, the guidelines will work as a measure to minimize the risk of having a Coronavirus outbreak in Uganda.

In a statement dated March 19th, Kakuba directs Airlines to ensure that passengers fill in and submit travel survailance forms on board the aircraft before disembarking, and these forms are to be handed over to the Ministry of Health officials at the Airport.

“All Airlines are also required to provide advance passenger manifests to the relevant port health office at the Airport.” adds Kakuba.

The restriction issued also suspends all visitors from the 31 category 1 Coronavirus affected countries, with Airlines warned against putting them on board. Ugandan citizens and other nationals arriving to Entebbe International Airport from the the 31 category A Coronas affected countries will also be quarantined at their own cost in a Government designated area for 14 days , while everyone will undergo physical and temperature screening.

When a person is confirmed to be positive with the Coronavirus and is aboard the aircraft, the management is supposed to inform the port health office through the Air traffic controller about Aircraft identification, departure acrodome, estimated time of arrival and number of suspected cases on board. The Airlines crew would also be quarantined at the Airlines designated hotel for 14 days.

The category 1 countries are; China, Republic of Korea, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, USA, UK, Netherlands, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Canada, Pakistan, Denmark, Qatar, Czech Republic, Australia, Portugal and Slovenia. Others are; Israel, Brazil, Ireland, Iceland, Philipines, Indonesia, India, Belgium and Iran.


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