Coronavirus Update: Uganda’s cases rise to 198 after 23 More People Test Positive to COVID-19

By :
Baluku Geoffrey

KAMPALA — Uganda’s confirmed coronavirus cases have risen to 198 after 23 more people tested positive.

The new cases registered from 1,187 samples tested on Saturday, May 23, include 19 truck drivers who arrived via Elegu and Busia while 4 cases are contacts to previously confirmed truck drivers

According to Health Minister Ruth Aceng, all community contacts were under quarantine at the time of test.

She also revealed that, 38 other foreign truck drivers who tested positive at the border points were denied entry and returned to their respective countries. This, she says follows President Yoweri Museveni’s recommendation on Tuesday where he directed that all foreign truck drivers that test positive from UVRI and at the border points, be expunged from Uganda’s caseload.

“Those who test positive, we hand them back over to their countries because they are not coming in to stay. They are just on transit, Uganda is a transit route for a large number of trucks destined to Rwanda, destined to South Sudan, destined to the DRC. So it is unwise for us to keep on keeping them in our country and treating them here. They would fill up all the hospital spaces,” Aceng said.

To date, out of 198 confirmed Covid-19 cases in Uganda, at least 119 are cargo truck drivers.

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