Coronavirus: Ugandan From London Tests Positive In Rwanda As COVID-19 Cases Rise To Five

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The coronavirus confirmed cases in Rwanda have risen to five after four people tested positive on Sunday, the country’s health ministry says.

A Ugandan who traveled to Rwanda from London on Sunday is among those who have tested positive for the virus.

The statement issued on Sunday reveals that all the four who tested positive had recently arrived in the country except for one who has no recent travel history.

The health ministry’s statement

On Saturday, Rwanda registered it’s first coronavirus case prompting the government to issue a set of guidelines that included asking people to pray from home as well as schools and higher education institutions to be closed on Monday.

“Places of worship are closed from Sunday March 15th 2020, with prayers to be conducted from home,” the statement from the health ministry says.

As part of the guidelines, schools and higher education institutions shall close on Monday, the statement adds.

Africa Tembelea has learnt that these measures will be in force for two weeks.

These measures are an update following an announcement by the Rwandan health ministry where they announced having recorded the first case of the now dreaded coronavirus, saying an Indian citizen who recently flew into the country was the patient.

Large gatherings such as weddings and sports events are being postponed as part of the measures to prevent the spread.

President Paul Kagame has not only participated in a hand-washing challenge championed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) but is also urging Rwandans not to panic and follow health tips to avoid the spread of the virus.

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