Coronavirus: Australian paper prints blank pages to be used as ‘toilet paper’ during crisis

This NT News has printed a special 8-page liftout of toilet newspaper while Australians panic-buy toilet paper during the coronavirus outbreak.
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An Australian newspaper has printed eight blank pages to be used as toilet paper after COVID-19 coronavirus fears prompted customers to bulk buy supplies, leaving some supermarket shelves bare.

Africa Tembelea has learnt that atleast two people have died of the disease in Australia as the epidemic spreads.

In a tweet on Thursday, March 5, The NT newspaper confirmed it had printed the pages for use in emergency cases as toilet paper shortage hits the country.

“Run out of loo paper? The NT News cares. That’s why we’ve printed an eight-page special liftout inside, complete with handy cut lines, for you to use in an emergency.”

– NT News – 

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