Chris Obore to those in Power: ‘If you are an actor with Kaguta today, dream sparingly about ruling us’

FILE: Chris Obore takes Oath as New Director of Information at parliament of Uganda, September 2015. (Photo /Courtesy)

For those interested in national politics or specifically presidency after Kaguta, beware that we shall raise the stakes and the standards.

We shall not sit back forever.
If you are an actor with Kaguta today, dream sparingly about ruling us.

Help mzee do the right things.
After mzee the game will not be as you are used to it.

Most of you are trying to make money the key influencer but it will not work.

We have seen you with your money and power.
You can’t escape scrutiny on how you used power and money.

In Uganda majority votes are in rural areas while majority noise is in town.

You can choose to prioritize the much noise or work for the many votes.

We shall join the noise after connecting well with the majority votes.

Nobody in the powerful political office with mzee will be allowed to speak in tongues after.

A new generation of actors. A new calibration. New approaches.

The rest should now enjoy while it lasts.

This is the era of convoys for leaders with sirens.

Anyone with a convoy today cannot turn around to say they weren’t powerful.

You are powerful now albeit wasteful.

There are those who used to propagate that Kagu is tribal.
We now have the statistics. There are more tribal chiefs than Kagu.

Kagu tries to fight it. The rest use it for survival.

Obore is an investigative journalist by training, deeply interested in and passionate about Public Policy and Governance

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