Chameleone Chest Thumps: I’ll Win Without NUP Ticket

Chameleon nominated for Kampala Lord Mayorship

Kampala, Uganda | AFRICATEMBELEA | Musician-turned-Politician Joseph Mayanja alias Chameleone has said he will fight an independent battle and ensure that he becomes Kampala’s next Lord Mayor without the National Unity Platform ticket.

In the weeks leading to today’s nomination exercise, Mayanja was involved in a number of controversies in pursuit of the NUP flag, which he eventually failed to get and chose to contest as an independent candidate.

Today he was nominated by the Electoral Commission to join Erias Lukwago and Nabbilah Sempala, among others, in the race. After his nomination, Chameleone said that although he doesn’t believe in the decision taken by the NUP elections management committee, he won’t wage war against his own party especially its president.

Addressing journalists shortly before he was nominated at the EC Kampala district offices in Ntinda, the music star said that his fight is not only against the ruling NRM establishment but also against the so-called members of the opposition whom he says are just hiding in the struggle for their own benefits.

Mayanja explained that his agenda is based on finding solutions for the many problems affecting the lives of the young and the old in Kampala. He cited unemployment, lack of support for the talented Ugandans, poor social service delivery especially education and health and dilapidated infrastructure.

After singing verses of some of his latest political songs, he reiterated his confidence that he will become the next Kampala city Lord Mayor.


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